Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The commitment we have to Corporate Social Responsibility is derived from our ethos of caring and service. The underlining principle in our CSR activities is in line with the Swire motto "Esse quam videre" – "To be, rather than seem to be ".

We focus our efforts on four aspects of the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals, namely - gender equality, education, caring for the disabled/elders and protecting the environment.

From scrub land to a beautiful forest garden

A 10 acre block of land purchased by the Company to originally house the Instant Tea Plant in Sri Lanka was unoccupied since 2000.

The Group CSR Committee set a plan in motion to convert this land into a well planned forest garden.

6000 Eucalyptus trees were planted in 2008, and the intention of the Committee is to set up a camping site, as it is ideal due to the central location.

In addition to making use of this land, the plantation will help the environment as well. It is estimated that each fully grown Eucalyptus Grandis tree absorbs 300 kgs of Carbon Dioxide per year.

Finlays for a world free of Dengue

To coincide with the National Dengue Prevention Week declared by the Ministry of Health, Finlays organised an education and prevention programme at Vauxhall Street.

Caring for the differently-abled and the senior citizens of Sri Lanka